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Privacy Policy

MUNSC Salient respects your privacy and commits to duly protect the personal data obtained through the online information system and will not supply your personal data to any third party or use it for other purposes without your permission. Because online information system contains links to other, external websites, which are not related to our company, we do not accept any responsibility for data protection on such websites.

MUNSC Salient undertakes to protect data and privacy of website visitors to the best of their abilities.

In order to prevent unauthorised access to the obtained data or their disclosure, to preserve accuracy of personal data and ensure their appropriate use, specific technical and organizational procedures for protection of the data we collect are used.


What is a cookie?

Cookies are files created by the websites you visit. Websites store cookies in the devices of users with the purpose of recognising website settings, profile data and other data a user has used for access. Their storage is controlled by means of browser settings that can be changed by a user as desired, i.e. enabled or disabled. A cookie does not contain nor collect information. Cookies may be stored for various periods of time, only for the duration of the session or much longer. The cookies we use on our website do not include any personally identifying data and cannot damage your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Session or temporary cookies are installed when a user opens a browser until the moment the session ends and a browser is closed, which deletes a cookie. Websites use them to store temporary information, such as elements in the shopping cart, for greater safety in online banking, etc. Because such cookies are stored for a shorter period of time, they may be less invasive to the user privacy.

Persistent cookies for storing permanent information about visits, selected options, registration, site language settings, user profile construction, traffic analysis, etc., which will be reused upon future visits of the website. Persistent cookies remain stored even after a user has closed the browser and ended a session. Persistent cookies may stay on your computer for days, months, even years.

1st party cookies are created by the website a user visits directly, and may be either temporary or persistent. Websites use such cookies to store information to be reused when a user next visits the website. 1st party cookies also include obligatory cookies, which are necessarx to ensure the services a user demands and access to safe areas of websites. 3rd party cookies originate from other, partner websites (such as those that show ads on the original website or count traffic). This way third parties can collect data about users from different websites and use them for different purposes, ranging from advertising, analytics to improvement of their products. Such cookies represent a major invasion to user privacy. Other cookies are usually uploaded by built-in elements, such as ads, videos and social network.

What cookies do we use?

Cookie name Duration Description/purpose Location
PHPSESSID Session duration Basic website operation All sites
cc_cookie_accept 1 year Stores user settings All sites
cc_cookie_decline 1 year Stores user settings All sites
Google Analytics      
_ga up to 2 years Monitors website traffic All sites
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