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SALIENT 2021  | 28 - 30 June  |  Ljubljana, Slovenia

Salient 2021:
28 -30 June
Ljubljana, Slovenia

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The sleeping
giant awakens




SALIENT 2021: 28 - 30 June

The unjust history of Africa has greatly affected its modern-day political, economical and social presence. From colonization, trough dictatorial regimes, apartheid and slavery, The Giant has seen it all. But current international discourse tends to shift the focus from the region’s Past to its Future. This represents hope and a possibility for the continent to finally have a balanced and secure Union with a solid stance in international relations. That may be years, even decades away, but lately, despite the global pandemic of SARS-COV-2, the international community witnessed rays of sunshine with promises of a prosperous future. Although, hopes for a strong, united and blooming Africa may seem idealistic since the continent is still facing challenges of unprecedented nature. That is precisely why it is important to note that these challenges and their outcomes will be of great importance in further trends of development. This year’s Salient will hereby focus on the Future aspect of Africa. How to ensure good governance and reconstruction after times of instability and conflict? Can we expect migration waves and illicit trafficking to take a halt? Are countries from around the globe ready to cooperate in tackling Lake Chad Basin’s multidimensional crisis of extremism and climate change? It is time to strip the continent of its aged stereotypes and turn to a realistic and comprehensive approach to the Awakening Giant.


Our Salient Youth Conference has been following the 1+3 format for years now - participants can in addition to the experience of an international conference gain in-depth knowledge on the actual topic, directly from professionals. On the first day of the Conference, the spotlight is on our Salient Panels - various experts, policymakers and representatives share their knowledge with those interested through round-table debates. The freshly gained insight can then be of a great addition to the delegates’ Committee simulation work in the following three days of the Conference. Nonetheless, the first-hand information can be of great advantage to any visitors’ future career path and overall perception of international relations.




AA: Good governance: transparent, comprehensive and sustainable reconstruction in the post-COVID world

The African Union is one of the largest regional organisations in the world, consisting of 55 member states and representing over 1,2 billion people. As Salient’s focus this year is on the African continent, we believed it would only be right to give you the chance to debate within the African Assembly, which is the supreme policy and decision-making organ of the AU. The topic of the committee covers a wide range of issues such as good governance, corruption, and transparency but within the narrower context of the post-COVID-19 reconstruction process. The ongoing pandemic left many countries in a vulnerable state and the Africa Union has to play a decisive role in finding a safe path into the future.

SC: Lake Chad basin: the grim world of extremism and destabilization

The Security Council is the most powerful UN body and is responsible for some of the most complex and pressing issues of the international community. It is therefore essential that it now turns its attention to a crisis that has been boiling for many years, but nonetheless remained mostly hidden from the eyes of the global public – that of the Lake Chad Basin. Environmental issues are here deeply intertwined with questions about food, water and human security and the fight against terrorism in the wider region. The presence of Boko Haram left many countries around the disappearing lake defenceless and more than 11 million people are currently in need of humanitarian assistance. The international community needs to act decisively, and the Security Council can be at the forefront of this endeavour.



CCPCJ: Migrations and organized organ trafficking - means to an end?

The UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice acts as the principal policymaking body of the UN in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice. The scope of issues that it covers makes it the ideal candidate to tackle the problem of illegal organ trafficking on migrant routes across Africa. The abhorrent practice remains largely absent from policy debates despite the serious danger that it presents for the health and dignity of people migrating across the African Continent. It is no overstatement to say that thousands of lives might depend on finding an effective and sustainable solution to this issue.

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