SALIENT 2024, 10 — 13 July | Ljubljana, Slovenia

Salient 2024

Harmony across the horizon

Promoting Regional Solutions

10 — 13 July, 2024 | Ljubljana, Slovenia

Focus on Regional Issues

To showcase how different regions are connected this edition will not cover just one big geographical region but several regional topics that have been present for a long time or just recently developed. In a world ever so connected and intertwined, international issues attract more attention than ever. Nonetheless, even or especially in a multilateral world, it is regional solutions and successes that are at the bottom of international politics.

Whether it is geopolitical, environmental, economic or humanitarian issues, promoting regional solutions is the key for our shared future. From regional solutions everyone can and will benefit. This year's theme underscores the imperative of fostering unity and understanding among nations to address regional challenges. Delegates are encouraged to explore innovative, cooperative approaches that transcend borders, seeking harmonious solutions for shared regional concerns. With many potential options to choose from, SALIENT 2024 will cover a broad landscape, inside as well as outside of Europe, connecting some of the most densely populated places on earth.

The theme envisions a horizon where diverse perspectives converge, paving the way for constructive dialogue and collective action to achieve sustainable and inclusive outcomes on a regional scale. Join us on the journey to different but equally beautiful regions of the world.

What is in store for Salient 2024?

Open themes and topics

Firstly, till now we always introduced topics before opening applications for chairs. This year we will introduce only open themes, inside which later on chairs will be able to decide upon the exact topic in consultation with the Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General. This also means that chairs will be asked to write study guides on their own, with help of the organizing team.

The exact topics will be released before the first wave of delegate applications.

Panels and lectures

The conference is very well-known for the panels that take place on the first day of the conference. In Salient 2023 we will have one keynote speaker with a focused topic and one interactive panel discussion.

Additional positions

For Salient 2024, we will also open applications for Editor-in-Chief and Crisis Director.

All other information will be updated soon.

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Committee difficulty:



Committee difficulty:


Committee difficulty:

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The first committee of SALIENT is the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). UNHCR will be this year's beginners committee focusing either on the Middle Eastern or African region. 

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is a pivotal international organization dedicated to fostering "Harmony Across the Horizon". Established in 1950 the UNHCR has a rich history of aiding and protecting refugees globally. Its mandate revolves around providing shelter, advocating for rights, and seeking durable solutions for displaced populations. With a focus on regional cooperation, the UNHCR acts as a catalyst for stability, fostering collaboration among nations to address refugee challenges collectively. Through its commitment to protection, assistance, and finding sustainable resolutions, the UNHCR plays a vital role in promoting harmony amid complex regional issues.

Committee topic: 

Climate and Conflict: Aid for Refugees and Displaced Communities in the Greater Horn of Africa

Committee difficulty:

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European Council

Our second committee is the European Council which will serve as the intermediate committee.

The European Council, founded in 1974, stands as a beacon for "Promoting Regional Solutions" within the European Union. Comprising EU member state leaders, the Council strategizes and sets policy directions, emphasizing unity and cooperation. Originating from the need for enhanced regional collaboration, it has evolved into a key institution, steering the EU towards common goals. With a mandate to provide overarching political orientation, the European Council facilitates consensus-building and regional solutions to challenges. Its history showcases the journey of European integration, making it a backbone for fostering harmonious relationships and collective problem-solving on the regional stage.

Committee topic:

Building Bridges: Enhancing Treaty Reform in Preparation for Enlargement

Committee difficulty:

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Last but definitely not least, our expert committee for SALIENT 2024: ASEAN Plus Three.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Plus Three cooperation, established in 1997, exemplifies this year’s Conference theme by promoting regional solutions to seek harmony. ASEAN Plus Three (APT) consists of ten ASEAN Member States and the People's Republic of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea. Rooted in a commitment to political stability and economic cooperation, ASEAN has played a crucial role in shaping the collective destiny of its member states. With a focus on dialogue and consensus-building, ASEAN addresses regional challenges through collaboration and shared solutions. Its history reflects a journey towards regional integration, fostering economic growth, promoting peace, stability, prosperity and cultural understanding.

Committee topic: 

Guarding the Waves: Upholding Maritime Security Across ASEAN Waters

Committee difficulty:

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SALIENT 2024 will have a true classic: Crisis elements. This edition benefits from a Conference-wide Crisis simulation offering a unique opportunity to test the resilience of regional cooperation. Our Crisis, will simulate events that challenge delegates to navigate complex issues collaboratively. This experiential learning tool forces participants to apply diplomatic and problem-solving skills in real time, fostering a deeper understanding of regional dynamics. 

The Crisis becomes a catalyst for innovation and cooperation, revealing strengths and weaknesses in pursuing harmony. Ultimately, it enhances a more robust regional solution-oriented mindset.

You will not be able to apply for Crisis.

No Conference is complete without its Press Corps. „The SPOTLIGHT“ will be the eyes and ears of the Conference, connecting all committees.

Acting as the Conference's media arm, the Press Corps facilitates transparency, disseminates information, and shapes perception of committee efforts. Additionally, who better could take care of all the gossip and memes? As a journalist, led by your Editor-in-Chief, you will not represent a specific country and debate with other delegates about certain topics. You will observe committee proceedings and report the developments.

While this committee is suitable for any level, we do recommend not to join it should SALIENT 2024 be your first Conference.

SALIENT 2024  Secretary Generals

Viola Parma

Secretary General

Viola Parma is a political science and psychology student from Bonn, Germany. Currently, she is writing her Bachelor's thesis on migration policy within the European Union. She started participating in MUNs in her first year of university back in 2020 when she joined her home association BIMUN/SINUB. Discovering her passion for MUNs she filled almost every position there is, from member of the Executive Committee and Advisory Board Spokeswoman to Delegate, Journalist, Editor-in-Chief, and Chair.

Viola is beyond excited and honored to return to Ljubljana as the Secretary-General for Salient 2024. Be assured that together with Klavdija and the Executive Board, she will do the most to provide you with an unforgettable experience. 

Klavdija Košec

Deputy Secretary General

Klavdija Košec is currently pursuing her master's degree in administration-public sector governance at the Faculty of Public Administration at the University of Ljubljana. Her MUN path started back in 2017, in high school. She has a lot of experience in a wide range of different committees and different positions. In 2019 she joined MUNSC and also was president of it in the student year 2022/2023. 

Klavdija invites you to a wonderful trip to Slovenia, where together with the extraordinary Secretary General and Executive Board, we will travel through three regions and deal with current political issues.

Delegate applications are now open!



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